STARTS Pillars

STARTS PRIZE is issuing open calls to honor and spotlight the most pioneering collaborations and results in the field of creativity and innovation at the intersections of science and technology with the arts. Started in 2016, the project has so far: 6 Grand Prizes, 30 Honorary Mentions, 54 Nominations.

STARTS RESIDENCIES fund longer-term artist residencies in technology institutions to kick-start artistic and technological collaborations. This leads to the creation of original artworks and the development of innovative aspects in tech research. 45 residencies are to be supported between 2017 and 2020. More than 80 art and tech institutions are involved in the project.

STARTS LIGHTHOUSE PILOTS are projects tackling concrete challenges for industry and society by including artists operationally. Between 2016 and 2018 the prototyping project WEAR Sustain funded 46 teams in the field of wearables and e-textiles. Two new projects have started in 2019: MindSpaces is linking neuroscience and VR for conceiving more emotionally attractive urban design, Re-FREAM is focusing on an artistic exploration of technologies for fashion.

STARTS ACADEMY unites scientists, engineers, and artists to teach digital skills to citizens in a playful way that also helps raise awareness of the limits and potential pitfalls of technology.