STARTS IN MOTION takes art-tech projects to the next level.

Since 2016, more than 100 sensational collaborations have been supported by the STARTS initiative, especially through WEAR SUSTAIN, STARTS PRIZES, VertigoSTARTS RESIDENCIES, and more recently MIND SPACES, RE-FREAM and the STARTS REGIONAL CENTRES. Across Europe, many other outstanding projects have been developed. 

Many of these teams have managed to create prototypes and innovative solutions that have the potential to develop further and scale up. STARTS in Motion has been designed to empower artists and technologists in further developing their art-tech project by exploring the business side of the creative work.

We have thought this programme to be flexible and tailor-made. No session is mandatory and the administrative burden is reduced at the minimum. Each team is free to make the best out of the programme: the more involved, the more benefits!

The first step, after revision of the applications, is to have an individual assessment talk with the manager of the programme, where specific needs are analysed and objectives are determined. Regular checks are made along the 4 months of implementation.

Through group sessions where experts introduce key topics (see below the sessions organised in the first edition - generally 2 times a month), the participants gain general knowledge.

Upon their interest, they can continue the discussions with up to 3 hours of individual mentoring sessions with the experts of the STARTS ecosystem, to work further and achieve meaningful changes

STARTS in MOTION focuses on :

  + Business plan : support in building a strong canvas 

  + Business model : with a specific interest on creative entrepreneurship, open source, creative commons and alternative pricing methodologies

  + Public funding : tips to access opportunities especially designed for art-tech collaborations and creative businesses, and how to build a strong application

  + Private funding : better understanding on how it works and best strategies to adopt, introductions to business angels, investors, or/and advice on crowdfunding

  + Storytelling, marketing and pitching : upon the needs and targets defined, work on different types of presentations

  + Intellectual Property and patenting : fundamental and strategies to implement to protect rights when entering the market 

At STARTS, we intend development not just as economic growth, but as a process to reach out more people and create more impact in the society, in a humane and inclusive way. 

Overall, STARTS in Motion aims to unleash the full potential of the talents and changemakers who contribute to the development of an innovative art-tech ecosystem at European level.

8 teams have been selected for the first edition in 2020!

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The call for the 2021 edition is open !

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