Throughout its different pillars, STARTS now offers:

A vibrant community made of hybrid talents and supporters

  • A map to find other collaborators and organisations based on geographical location and expertise
  • Comin soon! a showcase area to post your profile, follow people and see their news, find future partners and start new collaborations
Superstrings. Credits: OUCHHH, Koaru Tashiro

Past and current Residencies made up of researchers, technologists and artists

  • Case-studies of residencies (6 -12 months duration), where artists are hosted in technology institutions to develop innovative solutions. Find more info on the STARTS RESIDENCIES brochure
  • The “Scientist in Residency” program - where engineers and / or researchers are hosted by the artists in their studio. Coming soon!

Prizes at European level

Organised annually by Ars Electronica, the STARTS Prize awards ground-breaking projects developed at the nexus of Science, Technology and Arts

  • Apply as a candidate to our annual call in January for this unique award. Winners gain international recognition and can showcase at ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL, in the STARTS exhibition for the biggest media arts event in Europe, gathering up to 110,000 people from around the globe each year.
STARTS Prize Trophy. Credit: Peter Verplancke

Inspiration and Support in the collaboration and co-creation process for STARTS related works

  • Whether you are an artist, a scientist, a tech or a supporter, contact us through our social media channels to learn about our co-creation methodology for STARTS collaborations, to use in your own Art-Tech/Science projects
  • Benefit our tools, developed within previous STARTS projects, such as the Sustainability Strategy Toolkit from WEAR SUSTAIN 
  • Coming soon! a collaboration toolkit to guide you in the implementation of successful STARTS collaborative projects, and many more resources that will encourage and support your innovative projects!
Credit: Sergio Albert

Intensive market-readiness programme to boost scalable STARTS projects: STARTS IN MOTION

Since 2016, more than 100 sensational collaborations have been supported by the STARTS initiative, especially through WEAR SUSTAIN, STARTS PRIZES and STARTS RESIDENCIES. Many of these teams have managed to create prototypes and innovative solutions that have the potential to develop further and scale up.

STARTS in Motion has been built to push those teams forward with the support of dedicated mentors and an intensive 3-month journey made of online and on-site sessions.

Overall, STARTS in Motion aims at unleashing the full potential of the talents and changemakers who contribute to the development of an innovative STARTS ecosystem at European level.

Promotion and visibility for all STARTS members, artists, scientists, technologists and collaborations

  • Pop-up exhibitions of STARTS artworks in prestigious places
  • Residencies days to showcase STARTS projects
  • Interviews and portraits on social media
  • Facilitation of contacts with investors, supporters, labs and makerspaces
  • Public presentations in major international events
froth of the day dream julie desmet
Froth of the daydream Residency - Julie Desmet Weaver. Credit: Alain Lagarde

News on the STARTS world

The largest network in Europe for Science, Tech and Artists collaborations!
Funding and calls opportunities for STARTS projects, as well as events and news on activities implemented by the different STARTS projects. Keep updated and be part!

Ars electronicaArs Electronica Festival. Credit: Tom Mesic