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We aim at building the main repository related to science-art and tech-art available online, and offer our community a single-entry point for collective knowledge on the co-creation process and the different elements that accompany the inclusion of the ARTS in Tech and Science.

All resources compiled are exclusively related to the SCIENCE + TECHNOLOGY + ARTS field. They are classified by type:

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You can also find a STARTS library, where we gather all materials that reveal the outcomes generated within STARTS funded projects, such as STARTS RESIDENCIES or the LIGHTHOUSES.

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Articles & Papers

COLLECTIVE WISDOM: Co-Creating Media within Communities, across Disciplines and with Algorithms

By Katerina Cizek and William Uricchio, 2019

See abstract

#media # co-creation

Art + Technology = New Art Forms, Not Just New Art

Georgia Guthrie, 2013

Article produced in the frame of the Hacktory (US)

See introduction

#arttech #co-creation

What is new media art? (Theory on different types of art)

R. C Hoetzlein, 2009

See Introduction

#sciart #arttech

Resolving Assumptions in Art-Technology Collaboration as a Means of Extending Shared Understanding

Yun Zhang, Alastair Weakly, and Ernest Edmonds, 2007

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#arttech #co-creation

But what kind of art? 

David Bordwell, 2007

#cinema #arttech

Co-creativity in Art + Technology

Linda Candy, 2005

#arttech #co-creation


Creating ArtScience Collaboration Bringing Value to Organizations

Claudia Schnugg, 2019

See abstract

#artsci #co-creation

Curating the Digital: Space for Art and Interaction

edited by David England, Thecla Schiphorst, Nick Bryan-Kinns, 2016

See abstract

#arttech #co-creation

A tale of two online communities: fostering collaboration and creativity in scientists and children

Cecilia R. Aragon, Sarah S. Poon, Andrés Monroy-Hernández, Diana Aragon, 2009

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#arttech #co-creation

Project / Programme Reports

The grid: connecting artists and technologists

Nadav Hochman and Alex Reben, 2019

Report commissioned by EUNIC SILICON VALLEY

See abstract

#sciart #arttech #co-creation #EC

Artistic interventions in organisations: finding evidence of values-added

Berthoin Antal, Ariane & Strauß, Anke, 2013   

Creative Clash Report. Berlin: WZB. 

See executive summary

#arttech #co-creation #EC

T.E.R.A. Incognita: Tech Education & Residency for Artists

Georgia Guthrie, 2013

Report produced in the frame of the Hacktory (US)

#arttech #co-creation

Toolkits / Handbooks / Booklets

WAAG - Co-creation navigator

WAAG, 2019

An online tool to guide you through the co-creative landscape


Policy Booklets: measures to support measures promoting between artists and ICT

Region Arts, activities linking ICT and ART - Interreg Project, 2019

#arttech #co-creation

The good collaboration toolkit: an approach to building, sustaining, and carrying out successful collaboration

Barendsen, L., Fischman, W., Gardner, H., Loker, M., Murray, B., & Redding, A. 2013

The good projectCambridge, MA, Harvard University, Project Zero.

See Introduction