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interview of BeAnotherLab Empathy VR Collective in Barcelona

Denise Doyle interviews BeAnotherLab Empathy VR Collective in Barcelona

8th November 2019

Last month Dr Denise Doyle, Project Lead for ‘Identifying Successful STARTS Methodologies’ met the collective BeAnotherLab in their studios in Hangar, Barcelona.

Interviewing four of the nine members of the collective she was keen to understand the collaborative processes that the group use to develop their Empathy VR works using their ‘Machine to Be Another’ system. Denise had the opportunity to experience some of their immersive works during her visit there.

BeAnotherLab were recipients of the 2017 STARTS Prize Honorary Mention for their work Library of Ourselves, an interdisciplinary and distributed project to create transformative encounters between communities in conflict. Acting as an open book of embodied narratives, the archive of the Library of Ourselves is composed of stories recorded from a first person perspective of individuals, belonging to various communities.

STARTS at the 5th experience exchange of the RegionArts project

Next November 5th, STARTS will participate in the 5th exchange of experience organised by the RegionArts project.

STARTS PRIZE - Identifying Successful STARTS Methodologies

7th October 2019

Earlier this year a multidisciplinary team of researchers from the University of Wolverhampton in the UK (Dr Denise Doyle (Project Lead), Dr Richard Glover, Dr Martin Khechara, Prof. Sebastian Groes, and Dr Roya Rahimi) were awarded funds to join the STARTS Prize initiative co-ordinated by Ars Electronica on behalf of the European Commission. Together, the team will be ‘Identifying Successful STARTS Methodologies’ in projects recognised by the Prize.

STARTS presented at NEXT Conference, Hamburg!

On 20 September, STARTS has participated in NEXTConference, in Hamburg — Germany. Each year, NEXT intends to provoke questions on digital transformation by introducing a broader theme. At NEXT19, topics, speakers and the programme has been framed by “Parallelwelten” (Parallel worlds): The joint forces of digital and analogue allow for a myriad of different worlds for us to live in.

STARTS consultation on AI

Share your ideas on AI and the Arts!

Human Touch AI is an approach to the notion of Artificial Intelligence from an artistic and societal perspective. It aims at bringing a different perspective to AI in terms of the purpose it serves for humans and how it is going to be operated. Human Touch AI understands Artificial Intelligence as a systems of systems including the Internet of Things, Emotional Intelligence, and organic and bio-connectivity. In order to reach a better understanding on what is going on in the art world regarding AI, we would like to have your perspective on the following questions:

SIGGRAPH Paper: "Artists residencies for innovation: development of a global framework"

10 ARTISTS to re-think fashion together with scientists

10 innovative concepts, which will change fashion
International Jury awarded 10 ARTISTS to re-think fashion together with scientists

During the first call of the EU-funded project Re-FREAM, 78 applications were submitted at the official STARTS platform aiming to receive 55.000 EURS funding. In a first open call Re-FREAM were looking for outstanding concepts to three research challenges: from analog to connected, from 2D to 3D and from linear to sustainable circular systems. On July 10, the final decision was made by an international jury of designers, researchers, creators and founders. These ten awarded amazing artists will work together with scientists on their concepts to re-define fashion and will be professionally support in three hubs (Linz, Valencia and Berlin) as part of a co-creation process.  Re-FREAM is proud to present our co-creators and their concepts.

ATLAS laureate of a French-Taiwanese VR Creation residency!

Creativity driving research in outer space

New laureates for the STARTS Residencies program!


The names of the new laureates of the STARTS Residencies program were announced on March 28, at 5:30pm at the Centre Pompidou, during the STARTS Residencies Days.
Thank you very much to the great jury members and the candidates. Congratulations to the laureates!

Human Architecture: The Life of Biennial through Data

What is the impact of a global event like the Biennale on the city of Venice? Which digital traces do people and organisations leave behind themselves, expressing in the city during the Biennale? It is possible to harvest this data in ethical ways? How is it possible to transform it into a shared experience - a “computational commons” available in the new ubiquitous public space? How can cities as a whole - and the city of Venice in particular - use this data to plan and shape the policies and cultural programming that influence the daily life of people?

The Human Architecture project was designed to address these questions through an art installation presented at the Venice Pavilion, a workshop hosted by Ca’ Foscari University, a public round table which significantly took place right in the center of the city, at Pescheria di Rialto: the historical fish market of Venice. The three actions united students, architects, creatives, artists, designers, policy makers and citizens in a coral reflection, mixing arts, design and research to explore the role of data in contemporary public spaces.