STARTS4Water around the corner

STARTS4Water around the corner

A new STARTS project starts in April!

Bringing together art, technology and science, STARTS4Water aims to tackle one of the most pressing challenges of our times: water management.

The project will support artists, researchers, technology experts and other stakeholders in finding a common ground and language to respond to regional water – related challengesFocusing on clean water as a basic right for all humans and on the conservation of life in our oceans, seas and marine life, STARTS4Water builds on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030 and especially on SDG 6 ‘Clean Water and Sanitation’ and SDG 14 ‘Life Below Water’.

STARTS4Water will launch a call for 11 artistic residencies in July 2021. Water will be their common denominator, but the challenges will be rooted on local and regional realities. Most importantly, for the STARTS4Water Consortium, a sustainable water management relies on the change of behavior of individuals. Therefore, through a series of STARTS Academy workshops, intersectorial and transversal networking activities, field expeditions and discussions engaging local communities, STARTS4Water will engage with wider communities and propose new narratives to inform and communicate on a common challenge.

The STARTS4Water Consortium is lead by Luca School of Arts, and counts on the participation of Cittadellarte Fodazione Pistoletto, (IT), V2 (NL), UrbanDig project (GR), UR Institute (HR) and TBA21.