STARTS In Motion: The market-readiness programme that boosts scalable STARTS projects

Publish date
Nov. 7, 2019

STARTS IN MOTION is an intensive market-readiness program dedicated to boost scalable STARTS projects.

Since 2016, more than 100 sensational collaborations have been supported by the STARTS initiative, especially through WEAR SUSTAIN, STARTS PRIZES and STARTS RESIDENCIES.

Many of these teams have managed to create prototypes and innovative solutions that have the potential to develop further and scale up.

STARTS in Motion has been built to empower co-creators with the support of dedicated mentors and an intensive 9-month journey made of online and on-site sessions. The programme will help the teams in:

  • establishing a clear vision and plan for the development of their project;
  • defining and understanding their customers and the market they are operating in;
  • getting insight on the options they have for fundraising: public, business angels, crowdfunding, etc;
  • building an impactful presentation tailored to different kinds of funders;
  • reflecting on the added value of putting the STARTS principles of human-centricity, inclusion and sustainability at the core of their project;
  • improving their relationship-building and collaboration techniques with other artists, technologists, entrepreneurs and advisors for bigger market access;
  • developing new connexions with investors, public funders, hybrid teams, creators, companies and like-minded people from different countries.

As part of the programme, the 10 selected teams of this first edition will have the opportunity to work with mentors and specialists on different topics such as development strategy, business model, IP & patent, different types of funding - during online sessions from January 2020. This period will also be the occasion for the teams to know eacher and exchange. In February, we will gather in Barcelona, in partnership with the Institute of Art & Culture Espronceda, for two intensive days of trainings, workshops, inspiring visits to the vibrant start-up ecosystem of Barcelona. The event will be followed by a follow-up period, where we will facilitate contacts and support the teams in developing further their project and take it to next level!

Overall, STARTS in Motion wants to contribute to the development of an innovative ecosystem where talented makers, thinkers and artists can co-create and evolve, at the European level.

The selection process is just about to start, stay tuned! Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram!