“Participatory Lithology”, a rocky initiative launched by pibinko.org network

April 1, 2020

The pibinko.org is a network, operating since 2007, on interdisciplinary projects for the protection and promotion of lesser known assets in the fields of culture, environment, and open innovation, using live music as one of its primary means of facilitation and engagement.

Participatory Lithology

They are based at Metalliferous Hills of Southern Tuscany, a former mining district located at the beautiful Tuscan hills, in Italy, where it is usual to find individuals who own extensive stones collections. On March 21st, after a fast-track design phase of one week, they have launched an initiative called “Participatory Lithology”. This community engagement project aims at connecting citizens who own mineral collections (but do not know what the samples are) with geologists (who will provide indications for the classification of the mineral samples).

Following the wave of projects such as M(‘)appare MilanoBuioMetria Partecipativa on light pollution, and the community map in various parts of the Tuscan Metalliferous Hills (Farma ValleyTattiRoccastrada), we now give you a story in the realm of geology, and with the constraints of lacking live events, at least for now.

Source: pibinko.org

Currently, the Participatory Lithology is in a pilot phase, looking for individuals interested in joining the initiative. It is possible to join the project as collectors, classifiers, entertainers or sponsors. Potential “entertainers” are invited to propose a song related to rocks, mineral, stones, etc. If accepted, the song will be part of the project’s soundtrack curated by the Metalliferous Hills Jug Band (pibinko.org’s live music spinoff). 

Thank you Andrea Giacomelli for sharing this news with STARTS community.