Fashion for Good - Meet the Innovators: Brave New World

Publish date
Feb. 4, 2021
Date And Time Tue, 16 February 2021 13:30 – 14:30 CET **In our upcoming edition of 'Meet the Innovators', we bring together innovative players ushering in a brave new world in fashion. About this Event** The pandemic has changed the fashion landscape, limiting manual processes and physical meetups — but it has also created new opportunities in other areas. In this Meet the Innovators online event, we speak with several leaders in the space of fashion innovation, working to digitise the industry, provide anti-viral coatings and improve worker transparency in the value chain, all of which are necessary solutions in this time. Sign up to find out more and learn how they’re helping to shape a brave new world for fashion during and after COVID. We will cover: We kick off with a conversation with Lee Spiteri, Innovation & Performance Designer at the sustainable footwear brand Vivobarefoot, to hear his views on the future of fashion, larger trends of innovation within this space and how new uncertainties are shaping innovation priorities for manufacturers in the region. We’re joined by innovators to tell us about their solutions within the new context of fashion: Kristoffer Ekman, CEO at Nordshield, speaks about how they’re revolutionising antimicrobial and antiviral coatings, offering natural alternatives that outperform the hazardous substances currently in use. The Nordshield technology is free from heavy metals, safe for the environment and eliminates bacteria, viruses and fungi and is used for example for sportswear and healthcare uniforms. Lea Esterhuizen, founder of &Wider, discusses their cloud platform which enables brands, manufacturers and suppliers to hear directly from the workers themselves about their everyday lives and working conditions, using mobile phones to track and encourage improvement in labour practices along the supply chain. Yazan Malkosh, founder of & CEO at Swatchbook, dives into how they’re building a digital library that enables brands and suppliers to explore, visualise and share materials used in the creation of garments, allowing teams to collaborate and create collections from anywhere in the world. In this way, less material goes to waste and the polluting transportation of sample material is being reduced. Q&A - We close the session with a moderated Q&A with the audience, where you’ll have the chance to ask the speakers to find your answers. AGENDA 18:00 (IST) / 13:30 (CET) / 20:30 (HKT): Welcome 18:05 (IST) / 13:35 (CET) / 20:35 (HKT): Fireside Chat with Lee Spiteri, Innovation & Performance Designer at Vivobarefoot 18:25 (IST) / 13:55 (CET) / 20:55 (HKT): Innovator Pitch - Nordshield, &Wider, Swatchbook 18:40 (IST) / 14:10 (CET) / 21:10 (HKT): Q&A 19:00 (IST) / 14:30 (CET) / 21:30 (HKT): End of event About Fashion for Good Fashion for Good was founded to address the problems faced in the fashion industry. In order to change things, we need to innovate. But to date, key innovations are not being scaled; we bridge this gap by bringing the most promising innovators together with industry heavyweights to tackle the industry’s most deeply rooted environmental and social challenges. We are both an innovation platform and a convenor for change - we house the world's first interactive tech museum for sustainable fashion in Amsterdam and run regular events and workshops to help you on your good fashion journey.