Altering One's Body-Perception through E-Textiles and Haptic Metaphors, by Magic Lining

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March 13, 2020

Magic Lining team translates their residency results at scientific level and inspires fashion-tech designers

Magic Lining is one of the teams awarded with by a STARTS RESIDENCIES  project. Kristi Kuusk, artist designer, has collaborated with the tech project Magic Shoes (Ana Tajadura-Jiménez and Aleksander Valjamae) to develop an artwork about changing one’s self and body perception through the insight of the garment one wears.

The residency was about shifting fashion paradigms from external to internal, and proposing a novel haptic outfit. The work exploits the emerging e-textile materials for achieving it. The project alternates between scientific research and artistic ideation with prototyping. During the residency, Kristi spent 2 intense periods of 2 weeks in the host institution Universidad Carlos III de Madridin Spain and distributed time collaborating with Tallinn University Human-Computer-Interaction Groupas well as smart textile studio Spell.

The residency has contributed to both, the artistic and scientific parties greatly. From the artistic perspective, the concept developed much further by the knowledge and methods inserted by the scientists. The idealistic idea gathered some actual grounds. From the scientific project point of view, the artist brought in an alternative way of working, as well as new directions to explore further later on.

Discover the video produced at the end of the residency:

The results of the residency have been presented in various international exhibitions and conferences, talks as well as in one scientific paper published in an international scientific conference (EKSIG): "Magic Lining: Crafting Multidisciplinary Experiential Knowledge by Changing Wearer’s Body-Perception through Vibrotactile Clothing". 

One other scientific paper co-authored by all project partners has been published in Frontiers, a high-impact international scientific conference: "Altering One's Body-Perception Through E-Textiles and Haptic Metaphors".

The team had also the good suprise to find their presentation of the STARTS Days (March 2019 in Paris), showcased in the list of 9 inspirational and creative fashion tech designers. See all women honoured by the article here

Congratulations to the team!



  • Magic Lining. Kristi Kuusk. Photo: Iris Kivisalu, Model: Loore  None
    Magic Lining. Kristi Kuusk. Photo: Iris Kivisalu, Model: Loore
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