On the up ! We are very glad to announce the selection of twenty-three extraordinary teams for the second edition of STARTS in MOTION ! 

STARTS in MOTION has been designed as a key-steps path towards art-tech projects’ empowerment. During four months, the selected teams will be mentored on critical topics such as alternative business models, private and public funding opportunities, open and sustainable innovation, intellectual property and pitching. Our mentors will help them master the business side of their creative endeavors.

Through STARTS in MOTION, we will promote a greener and more sustainable economy, turned to the people, promoting diversity and respectful to the environment. We will support artists whose critical, aesthetic and visionary perspectives push the boundaries of technology and have the potential to change the shape of the economy of the future.

We were glad to receive 49 applications from 21 countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dubaï, Egypt, France, Germany, Israel, Italy,   Poland, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands, UK, Ukraine, US.

15 applications didn’t pass the eligibility check, considering the following criteria as mandatory:

  • Having answered to all the questions properly (excluding N/A, – and blank fields).
  • Being an art-tech / art-science project (tech or science project driven by an artistic approach).
  • Having a potential for the market (excluding the pure science research projects).
  • Having passed the simple idea stage (as mentioned in the call).

5 external experts have been appointed to evaluate the eligible applications. The criteria adopted in the evaluation process were the composition of the team and expertise, the art/tech-science connection, the degree of innovation, the business positioning and potential, ethics, the social impact and the environmental sustainability of the projects.

The experts in charge of evaluating the applications are professionals in the STARTS in MOTION areas of expertise:

  • Alejandro Martins, Head of EU projects and Innovation at Espronceda (ES)
  • JOana Lacerda, Director of IMpact at The Powerhouse (DE)
  • Marija Butkovic, CEO of Women of Wearables (UK)
  • Nana Radinkovic, co-founder and program manager at Nova Iskra (RS)
  • Senior staff from INOVA have also been involved.

We are very excited to support projects at the crossroad of art, science and technology, that develop sustainable human-centered solutions. Meet them here:

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Some of the group workshops part of the programme will be open to the public, so all art-tech projects interested in launching their solution in the market or scale-up, can join. As attendee, you will be able to listen, but keep in mind that the 23 selected projects will have priority to ask their questions to the speakers. A pool of wonderful experts associated to STARTS will share their knowledge and experience on the following topics:

  • Storytelling: 24th of March with Eurico Neves, CEO and Founder of INOVA+
  • Public Funding – European and regional calls applied to tech-art projects:  21st of April with Aurélie Delater, Senior Project Manager at INOVA
  • Pitching 1O1 – 26th of May with Lubomila Jordanova, Founder and CEO of Plan.AEarth

All the sessions will be held online due to the pandemic.

Registrations will be done through starts.eu. Follow us on social media not to miss any news!
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