After a successful first meetup last week for WeSTART, and a nice break for Easter while on lockdown across Europe, we wanted to keep the conversation and check-in going from last time.

We had great presenters with such amazing projects and even some intriguing  themes that surfaced, both from the point of view of technologies people are developing such as empathic robots, AI in performance as well as innovative ways of work doing lockdown, such as: locked out of the lab/studio leading to DIY practices at home (biolab in the kitchen), how to move into virtual space with the work, having time for “crazy ideas”, and the new perception of time.

Some of you didn’t have chance to present and our online tool didn’t allow for live streaming or to share links and emails - so this week we are using the ethical and open-source video conferencing tool Jitsi, but will again need to cap our sign-up numbers, but rest assured we will start doing this weekly, so you all have a chance to contribute and so we can move the conversation along.

This week, we will also check to hear response to the challenge:

Artists and designers, in particular, can take this time to develop methods and projects to work with scientists and technologist and for the global community, and to do some future-scoping for how we want our world to be - since we cannot go back to life as usual, and so many are now unemployed and the economies of the world will be severely shaken once this global crisis is over.

 1) How can STARTS and the larger Art-Science community in Europe and around the world be part of a recovery transformation?

 2) What can we do collaboratively ?

 3) How can artists and designers support the hard-working and under-pressure scientists,  medical/ healthcare community in their work?

4) What things can we do for society, the impoverished, for the economy in our countries, for the environment (which is having a bit of a breather ,but still under threat)?

We would love you to share your ideas on future topics on the STARTS blog and we will gather for future meetups.

Camille Baker will facilitate again this week and then we will make a regular time weekly and have other hosts/ facilitators in future.

Join us Friday, April 17th, 4:00pm GMT / 5:00pm CET!

 I register!

Meanwhile, we invite you to explore the platform, complete your profile and consult the STARTS library we have just launched!

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