Vertigo Forum: Artificial Intelligence and Artistic Creation

Artificial perception, autonomous behavior, corporal interaction, new spaces of representation and transformation resulting from massive data analysis: the paradigmatic rupture resulting from artificial intelligence technologies nourishes artistic creation in its forms, tools, and objects. This 4th edition of the Vertigo Forum, bringing together artists and researchers from various disciplines, exposes the state of the art of different fields of creation - visual arts, architecture, music, dance - in their relationship to artificial intelligence while questioning both its foundations and its challenges. After three editions devoted to the artistic uses of 3D, code, and living matter, this year's Forum Vertigo examines the multiple links between artificial intelligence and contemporary creation, on the occasion of the exhibition "Neurones, les intelligences simulés" (lit. Neurons, simulated intelligence).

The Vertigo Forum is a series of symposia and societal debates on art-science relationships at Centre Pompidou together with the exhibition "Neurons, simulated intelligence" which constitutes the 2020 edition of Mutations/Creations a joint yearly event by Centre Pompidou and IRCAM.

Schedule for Wednesday 26th February:

2.30pm  Introduction and Presentation of the Exhibition "Neurons, simulated intelligences"
3.00pmArchitecture and Formalization of Digital Models
5.00pmLimits and Generative Possibilities for Artificial Intelligence
7.00pmDebate: Towards a Humanized A.I.?

Schedule for Thursday 27th February:

11.30am  Dead Ends and the Future of Cybernetics
2.00pmHuman and Artificial Perception
4.00pmMusic Generativity
5.45pmDance: Between Living and Artificial

Full programme with speakers and content details on VERTIGO.IRCAM.FR

February 26 and February 27 2020
2:30 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Centre Pompidou - Petite salle - Petite Salle - Level -1