Adaptation is an interactive art installation for which 7 artists, paired with tech companies, have created work about the Internet of Things, its possibilities and how they will impact our future. 

Working in four different categories, Environment + Data, Quantified Self, Interactive Spaces and Smart Cities, which reflect important tendencies within IoT, they have created Installations which will allow the public to see and interact with data obtained from the environment, the spectators themselves or the internet.


Opening: 11th July 6pm-10pm 
Exhibition: 12th-14th July, 10am-6pm

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Adaptation will be hosted as a satellite event with Tech Open Air, a yearly festival held in Berlin of around ideas of tech, music, art and science. The exhibition will be held in Agora Rollberg, an experimental center for sustainable and artistic practices in the heart of Neukölln. 

All artworks are powered by AGILE, a gateway developed under a European Union funded project, for developing and manufacturing IoT solutions.