Expanded Animation at Ars Electronica presents Synaesthetic Syntax: Sounding Animation / Visualising Audio, a one-day symposium that brings together animators, musicians, artists, technologists and academics to discuss the interrelationships between audio and animation. Papers cover topics such as synaesthetic connections between sound and image, the role of gesture, improvisation and presence in live performance and the creative use of geometric and algorithmic patterns.

Our Keynote speaker is media artist, Rose Bond, who produces work at the juncture of cinema, animation and experiential design. She will be presenting her latest animated collaboration with the Oregon Symphony Orchestra on a live performance of Luciano Berio’s Sinfonia.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ars Electronica festival is mainly taking place online this year with a number of small events taking place at different associated venues around the world. The Expanded Animation strand will have a series of small, socially distanced 'Watch Parties' in Linz, London and Portland.

Discover Berio´s sinfonia by Rose Bond:

The London event is on Sunday 13th Sept from 10h to 18h BST (11h - 19h CEST) at IKLECTIK, where a small group of attendees will watch the online symposium together at a social distance. The event is hosted by Birgitta Hosea of the Animation Research Centre. Attendees are requested to wear face coverings. Refreshments will be provided, but not lunch.

This event is supported by the University for the Creative Arts.

Synaesthetic Syntax Symposium Schedule:

10:15–10:45 Keynote: Rose Bond (CA/US), Sounding Together – Choreographing the Unpredictable

11:00–11:05 Welcome: Birgitta Hosea (UK), Juergen Hagler (AT), Harry Whalley (UK)

11:05–12:40 Panel I: Hearing Colour Seeing Sound

11:05–11:10 Introduction: Birgitta Hosea (UK)

11:10–11:30 Vicky Smith (UK), Expanded Cinema and Para Animation: More than Audio and Visual

11:30–11:50 Alexander Stublic (DE), Presence and interaction in synaesthetic space

11:50–12:10 Sama Mara (UK), A Hidden Order - Revealing connections between geometry and music through harmony and mathematics

12:10–12:40 Panel Discussion (Chaired by Birgitta Hosea)

12:40–14:00 Break

14:00–15:30 Panel II: In front of your eyes and ears

14:00–14:05 Introduction: Harry Whalley (UK)

14:05–14:25 Giusy Caruso, Bavo Van Kerrebroeck, Pieter Jan Maes (BE), PIANO PHASE for two pianists in VR

14:25–14:45 Umut Eldem (BE), Towards a “Live Synaesthetic Visualisation”? Considerations in Artistically Visualised Sound

14:45–15:05 Jānis Garančs (LV), Algorithmic conflation and re-configuration of audiovisual space and movement in the series of experiments with financial data audio-visualisations as immersive artworks

15:05–15:30 Panel Discussion (Chaired by Harry Whalley)

15:30–16:00 Break

16:00–17:30 Panel III: The Kinaesthetics of Music and Vision

16:00–16:05 Introduction: Juergen Hagler (AT)

16:05–16:25 João Pedro Oliveira (US), Gesture Interaction Between Sound and Image

16:25–16:45 Fred Collopy (US), Visual Synthesizer Design: Where Modern Art Was Headed

16:45–17:05 Eric Dyer (US), Physical Presence and Material Desire: Eric Dyer's sculptural and performative animation art practice

17:05–17:30 Panel Discussion (Chaired by Juergen Hagler)

17.30-18.00 Closing Note: Rose Bond (CA/US), Birgitta Hosea (UK), Juergen Hagler (AT)

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