CREATE Your IoT Series

The Connected Hennery

The CREATE Your IoT Series is part of the Internet of Things (IoT) Large Scale Pilots of
the European Union (LSPs) and it allows you to create your own IoT applications. It
results from the cooperation between the LSPs and the Science Technology and Arts
Initiative of the Digital Single Market of the European Union (STARTS) .

In this instance of the series, The Connected Hennery , you learn how to make a very
special hennery! It allows your chicken drive it around your field, clean it and get it
ready for planting potatoes or what ever you fell like!

The Connected Hennery is an application of basic artificial intelligence in the field of
Internet of Things. It analyses and predicts the movement of your chicken and moves
along with them in your field! It is a new product for permaculture in-between industrial
and free range chicken production.

“Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life”
Oscar Wilde

The Connected Hennery is artistically inspired also in the work of George Orwell. The
author of books such as 1984 and Animal Farm also believed that the arts could strongly
influence real life. The Connected Hennery revisits those concepts and represents a
transitional technologically enabled model of socioeconomic organization.

Come and join us at the Municipal Market of Estarreja, in Portugal, on May 7 2019 at

The Connected Hennery Workshop program

Location: Municipal Market of Estarreja, Portugal.
11:00 – Opening by The Mayor of Estarreja, Diamantino Sabina, and a representative of
EC (TbD)
11:15 – The Connected Hennery Workshop
12:00 – Presentation of The CREATE Your IoT Series by Luis Miguel Girao
12:10 – STARTS Talk on IoT and Food Production Chain Management moderated by Luis
Miguel Girao with the following speakers:
Representative of the EU (TbD)
The Mayor of Estarreja Diamantino Sabina
Renato Miguel Prata dos Santos – Lusiaves Group (TbC
Marlos Silva – SONAE
Pedro Carvalho – Altice Labs
13:00 – Closure by Culture and Tourism Councilwoman Isabel Simões Pinto

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