We are very pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition VISIBLE SENSIBLE at Fondation Fiminco, in Romainville (Grand Paris), from September 18th through October 4th, as part of Regional STARTS Center program, co-organized by French Tech Grande Provence and Fondation Fiminco.

Today, 55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas, a proportion that is expected to rise to almost 70% by 2050. Over the past century, our cities have been built primarily on an efficiency and productivity approach. However, the technological advances that have benefited our societies have shown their limitations, those of the depletion of natural resources and the destruction of natural ecosystems. 

Against the background of climate change and environmental emergency, the concept of smart city, the ultra-technological and connected smart city, has given way to the concept of a resilient and sustainable city.

Undoubtedly, this urban ideal implies changing the rules of the game, reinventing our living spaces, private or public, questioning our way of thinking and living in the city.

What place should be given to technology in this transition process?

How can they be seized upon to create new imaginations, collective and participatory systems, spaces for reflection and criticism?

The exhibitionVISIBLE SENSIBLEinvites us to observe, question, imagine, build these future living spaces, intimate or shared,realand virtual. Connected objects, virtual reality, artificial intelligence are all technologies made visible, and therefore more transparent, through sensitive artistic experiences. Around 3 interactive installations resulting from collaborations between artists and researchers, the public is invited to become an actor of a creative,poeticand sustainable urban and technological innovation.

With the artists: Yann Deval & Marie-Ghislaine Losseau, So Kanno and the research laboratory SONY CSL Paris
Production: French Tech Grande Provence and FondationFiminco
Curator: Marie ALBERT