October 6th 2021 | 19h30 - 20h30 CEST | Broadcast in Portuguese radio stations

Fundão, Seia and Guarda will stage inPULSOS, which combines music, technology and a real-time audiovisual experience. The event takes place on October 6th as part of the city of Guarda’s (Portugal) candidacy for European Capital of Culture 2027.

inPULSOS consists of 3 performances: 2 concerts that will take place simultaneously in the Auditorium of Moagem – Cidade do Engenho e das Artes in Fundão and in the Auditorium of Casa Municipal da Cultura de Seia, united in a broadcast via local radios, accompanied by a performance live visual at the Café-Concerto at the Municipal Theater of Guarda; and a round table - “Transdisciplinarity for a culturally integrated society” -, where the link between technology and music will be discussed.

On stage will be musicians Vítor Joaquim, João Silva, André Hencleeday, Ulrich Mitzlaff and visual artist Alba Corral. Radio Altitude, Radio Cova da Beira and Radio Antena Livre de Gouveia, together with other radio stations in the region, will take over the broadcast of the event. The roundtable aims to bring together agents from Science, Technology and the Arts and institutional representatives, in order to explore the importance of technology in the development and production of artistic practices, such as the recording and transmission of musical content in real time, potential applications and impacts of these results on society, namely in the territory of Beira Interior. In this sense, inPULSOS brings together the School of Arts of the Catholic University of Porto, WAVECOM, Alba Corral and Guarda 2027.

The project started from the concept of synapse, used in the scope of the application to challenge intelligence, creativity and production cultural. The event is thus defined as a “cultural nervous system” made up of different poles of creation and interpretation, or “neurons”, whose relationship/interaction in real time results in a performance in which music is the cultural impulse. In addition, the inspiration for this project came in line with the premises of the Initiative STARTS – Science, Technology and the Arts, developed and supported by the European Commission, whose mission is to develop technological innovation projects, centred on human needs and values, through cooperation between scientists, artists, industries, technology companies and society. About inPULSOS and its inclusion in the 2027 Guard, Pedro Gadanho, Executive Director of the candidacy, explains that “InPULSOS project is, already in 2021, a shining example of the interaction that the 2027 Guard wants to establish with cultural agents in our country. We welcome the idea that was presented to us by final year students from the School of Arts of the Catholic University of Porto, offering them a value of “seed capital” to implement an innovative multimedia project”.

Despite the pandemic and possible constraints, Pedro Gadanho believes that inPULSOS project managed to “implement a new approach to the presence of contemporary culture in the territory of Beira Interior, involving different municipalities, local radio stations and artists from various origins in the field of electronic music. For Guarda 2027, this is a real anticipation of the dynamics that we aspire to implement if we win the title of European Capital of Culture 2027”. The use of local radios thus contributes to connecting the city of Guarda to the region of Beira Interior and, in turn, to the country. Anyone of any age group and from different locations in the region can be connected and/or present. inPULSOS stands out for its focus on the digital innovation component, recovering and innovating the potential of radio stations as a means of transmission, dissemination and dialogue among the population. 

Through the connection between technological, analogue, digital, artistic and social dimensions, inPULSOS seeks to revitalize Guarda’s identity and bring more irreverence and innovation. On October 6th at 6:30 pm, Portugal and the Beira Interior region will tune in with local radio stations for musical and audiovisual performances, and the round table - “Transdisciplinarity for a culturally integrated society”.

[Sponsors] STARTS – Science, Technology and the Arts Guarda 2027

[Concept] Maria João Silva Sara Jorge Daniel Swann

[In partnership with] Professor Luís Teixeira School of Arts of the Catholic University of Portugal

Luís Miguel Girão Artshare

[Production] ObliqueFrontier

[Project Management] Patrícia Delgado Sara Jorge

[Communication] Maria João Silva

[Design] Abel Quental