How can communities and networks build together a better future for all?

October 26 2021 | 18h00 - 19h30 CET


In this final STARTS Community session promoted by the STARTS Ecosystem, we are delighted to be co-hosting alongside our collaborators Leonardo. This time we are looking to the future…we will be addressing what we want for the future, how our community will evolve in this time of crisis and social upheaval. With many countries remaining divided and dysfunctional, what shape will it take and how can we heal as a community? This session along with Leonardo/ISAST a global art and science community, how can connect and deepen the global movement of transdisciplinarity.

We invite you, our STARTS Community to join the conversation and come together to develop big ideas to solve these issues. 

Meet the speakers

Camille Baker (CA/UK) is an interdisciplinary artist, curator and researcher with a background in digital and electronic art and design, working across creative digital disciplines. Baker’s digital media practices and experience includes making, teaching, and curating, with a background in wearable technology and e-textiles, mobile media art and performance,VR/AR/Mixed Reality, the body and technology in performance, digital art curating, video art, new media art, alternative music, interactive installation, and emerging technologies research and education.

Danielle Siembieda, Creative Director, Leonardo/ISAST, is an Alter Eco-Artist and Creative Director of the enterprise think tank Leonardo/ISAST. Her mission is to empower communities by navigating complex systems that affect all of us. She has spent her career addressing the UNSDG’s with a focus on clean energy and responsible consumption & production through creative entrepreneurship and economy.

@ AlterEcoArtist

About Leonardo

A fearless pioneer since 1968, Leonardo serves as THE community forging a transdisciplinary network to convene, research, collaborate and disseminate best practices at the nexus of arts, science and technology worldwide. Leonardo serves a network of transdisciplinary scholars, artists, scientists, technologists and thinkers who experiment with new, cutting-edge approaches, practices, systems and solutions to tackle the most complex challenges facing humanity today.  

As a not-for-profit 501(c)3 enterprising think tank, Leonardo offers a global platform for creative exploration and collaboration, reaching tens of thousands of people across 135 countries. Our flagship publication, Leonardo, the world’s leading scholarly journal on transdisciplinary art, anchors a robust publishing partnership with MIT Press; our partnership with Arizona State University infuses educational innovation with digital art and media for lifelong learning. Our creative programs span thought-provoking events, exhibits, residencies and fellowships, scholarship and social enterprise ventures. 

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