WeSTART Online Meetup - FOCUS ON

20 MAY 2021 | 17:00 - 18:00 (CEST) | ONLINE

In this session we will explore how artistic practices engaging with science and technology is impacting the fashion industry.

In the past years, S+T+ARTS launch several research projects exemplifying how digital technologies are currently changing the fashion industry.

The research project Wear Sustain explored the development of wearables and e-textiles that are more ethical, critical and aesthetic, and ultimately more sustainable for future generations.

More recently, Re-fream invites artists and designers to rethink the manufacturing process of the fashion industry.

Advanced technologies are about to change processes in development, material design, production and several other fields within the fashion industry.

This session will bring together the best speakers and inspiring artistic projects from these programs.

Details on the speakers and the agenda will be released soon. Follow us to keep updated. 


Since its beginning, the S+T+ARTS programme has been exploring how the combination of arts, science and technology can help us to create a better, more sustainable future. The current crisis and the need for new sustainable solutions amplifies the importance of S+T+ARTS as never before. 

As a response to the COVID crisis we started the first WeSTART sessions in spring 2020. Now it is time for new season that promises to unveil more about the impact of S+T+ARTS and contribute to strengthen and support its growing community.

Alongside the best S+T+ARTS projects and cutting-edge speakers, the upcoming programme also wants to provide a place for our community to network and discuss.  

Reflecting this, we introduce two formats of monthly online talks and conversations:  

- FOCUS ON: the “Focus On” sessions features some of the best speakers and S+T+ARTS projects, aimed at showing the impact of S+T+ARTS in diverse domains of society.   

- COMMUNITY GATHERING: during the monthly “Community Gathering” sessions we invite our registered community members to join us for an open and informal discussion. This is the place where we like to share thoughts, practice new forms of collective thinking and provide a platform for creating new inspiring connections. 

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