EUROPE (RE)S+T+ARTS – Science, Industry, Environment, Art

Artistic Creativity and Digital Innovation in Industrial Production - towards a national agenda for Portugal. 

October 15th 2021 | Egas Moniz House Museum, Avanca, Estarreja, Aveiro, Portugal. 

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Adaptation and resilience are characteristics of Aveiro, a city and region that has historically managed to adapt to adversities, by always positioning itself in forefront of the developments resulting from a healthy relationship between science, the arts and technologies to innovate. The invention of angiography by Egas Moniz is an excellent example of that. Today artistic creativity plays a fundamental role in digital innovation, in advanced industry and, in general, in the sustainability of productive practices. In this sense, the event will bring together scientists, industry, artists, companies, legislators, technologists, environmentalists and cultural organizations to rethink challenges for a green digital transition in Europe. In addition, the meeting aims to create a possible specific agenda for Portugal, in direct relationship with the European initiative S+T+ARTS, for a positive scientific knowledge based interaction between industry and the arts, contributing to the common good. 


As such, the event will host three sessions, each focused in the areas of Industry, Technology and Environment in their relationship with the Arts, with representatives from national and international, public and private entities and organisations related to Science, Technology and the Arts. Additionally, there will be parallel work sessions with representatives of agents who already practice or wish to apply S+T+ARTS practices in Portugal. 


Complete program and more information available soon here:

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