What is STARTS about?

STARTS is about thinking out-of-the-box and building bridges between Science, Technology and Arts. It is a European initiative based on the conviction that collaborations between artists, researchers and engineers lead to disruption and mind-openness, generating more inclusive and sustainable innovation.

Who is STARTS for?

STARTS is for scientists, engineers, artists, research Labs and artistic organisations, as well as for companies and the society at general. It is not limited to any specific scientific or artistic area; it is more interested to achieve and engage individuals and organisations:

  • willing to push the boundaries of knowledge and experience;
  • seeking for breakthroughs and innovative developments;
  • willing to learn, collaborate and share experiences with others;
  • pursuing distinct approaches, critical point of views and different languages under a common objective;
  • aiming to contribute for a more inclusive society.

A successful STARTS collaboration is the one that brings together people with different languages — e.g.: programming and music composition, 3-D modelling and painting, video editing and fashion design — who are willing to develop it and find convergent interests. With alternative methods of exploration and critical viewpoints on technology, artists can contribute decisively to innovation and technology that is human-centred and adapted for society. 

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«Not all of the [positive] effects will occur in each artscience collaboration. (…) And often the changes won’t happen immediately. As each encounter and experience in our lives possibly affects us, subtle developments will be triggered, and depending on how much we listen to them and let them get to us, we will know where they are coming from.» (Schnugg, 2019: vii)

How does STARTS work?

STARTS is sustained by the STARTS Pillars that represent all the dimensions STARTS works with. Different funded projects offer complementary opportunities and services. The platform aggregates all the pillars and aims at gathering the whole STARTS Ecosystem, offering specific services and functionalities to develop, strengthen and enlarge the community. Actors from all over Europe support STARTS collaborations, using their dynamism and experience to add the + that makes S T ARTS alive.


See here an overview of the current STARTS funded projects and the partners involved:


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STARTS is an initiative of the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.It was launched in 2015, following up the findings of previous activities funded by the European Commission, namely ICT&Art 2012, FET-ART, ICT ART CONNECT 2013 and ICT ART CONNECT study, whose results demonstrated the worldwide emergence of communities of hybrid collaborations among science, technology and arts and their relevance.