What is STARTS?

Innovation at the nexus of Science, Technology, and the ARTS

'I think that more and more we all understand that innovation in the future will be on the intersection of arts and sciences.'

Commissioner Carlos Moedas

'Artistic creativity and critical thinking are essential for innovation in today's digital world.  Already, highly innovative companies like Mercedes thrive on a strong link between artists and their engineers…The EU will support [such] multidisciplinary themes in H2020...’

Commissioner Günther Oettinger

The European Union strongly relies on innovation to compete globally and to make human activities more sustainable and our society more inclusive. For radical innovation of value to citizens, industry has to think more holistically about technologies and services that put the human in the center. Europe must fully engage the creative forces that lie at the crossings of different modes of thinking, for instance between the arts, science, and technology.

At the same time, digital transformation is profoundly changing industry, science and technology and is a driver for innovation-focused cross-sectorial exchange. Digitization is uniting science and engineering with design and the arts.  In the digital world, the boundaries between art and engineering are removed and creativity becomes a crucial factor in engineering and human-centered uses of technology.

In this context, the Arts gain prominence as catalysts for an efficient conversion of S&T knowledge into radical novel products, services, and processes.

Recognizing the importance of these trends, the European Commission – EC, DG CONNECT - has launched the STARTS initiative to promote inclusion of artists in innovation projects funded in H2020.